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For 20 years, the TWIKE 3 has inspired everyone who has ever driven it. What is the secret of its success, why it is the only sports car worthy of this name and what is hidden behind the names TWIKE 4 and TWIKE 5 will all be learned within these pages.

Come aboard. The energy revolution has three wheels, space for two persons and weighs about 270 kg. Our contribution to a better world drives 85 km / h and consumes converted into liter only 0.5 l/100 km of fuel. Converted because the TWIKE as an electric vehicle does not use any fossil fuels.

This vehicle concept is several steps ahead of the automotive market. There does no other vehicle exist at the moment that is able to move similarly efficient on the road. Welcome to the future.

TWIKE pilots are different. Sporty for example. Because they can support the drive by own muscle strength. Since this additional support is not required it is possible to enjoy as well the ease of silent sliding. We don’t know any vehicle for which the term "sport vehicle" would be more accurate.

Some TWIKE pilots use their vehicle for daily commuting. Other ones make even a tour throughout e.g. Europe. The range of a TWIKE 3 depends on the used battery pack. A 9 Ah battery capacity already has a 50 km to 65 km range at medium driving. Seven batteries with 63 Ah allow a range of up to 600 km.

May we introduce? TWIKE

See it for yourself.

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Nobody can tell us exactly why people need to be surrounded by more than one ton of materials while on the way to work or when going shopping. Whoever wants to save energy needs to reduce the weight. It’s all about gearing down in traffic. A TWIKE 3 weighs approx. 270 kg with a mid-size battery pack. If you convert the energy required in petrol, we get a consumption rate of 0.5 litres per 100 km (60 miles/0.5 litres). That’s impossible you say? Then we invite you to take a test drive that you will not soon forget.


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TWIKE 5 finanzielle Beschleunigung

TWIKE 5 finanzielle Beschleunigung

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