What colour should your TWIKE 3 be and which features should it have? For how much range do you want to equip your TWIKE 3 and how much is it worth to you? Once you have your desired TWIKE configuration, you can send us a quote request. This is not an order. We will then contact you. Give it a try.

Then, we will gladly send you an offer that takes into account all of your wishes. This way we can offer you, for example, various carpet configurations, your desired paint, batteries with even more range and a multitude of other options. For starters, please use the Configurator to get a first impression.

Additionally: A TWIKE consumes about 5 kWh / 100 km.
Each TWIKE is built personally for you! Let’s TWIKE!

The Colours

  • Choose your color, painted
    Choose your color, painted
    1.672,00 €
  • Unpainted, white
    Unpainted, white
    0,00 €
  • Choose your color, metallic
    Choose your color, metallic
    1.798,00 €
  • Individual foiling
    Individual foiling
    1.471,00 €

Basic Vehicle

Your vehicle is a TWIKE 3 including roof, integrated battery set and battery shutdown, interior lighting, 12V power socket, windscreen washer system, 3rd brake light, COC document for EU registration

18.790,00 €

The Battery

LION battery 1 x 9,0 Ah Range: 40 – 80 km Weight: 19 kg Price: 3.739,00 €
LION battery 2 x 9,0 Ah Range: 80 – 160 km Weight: 38 kg Price: 7.479,00 €
LION battery 3 x 9,0 Ah Range: 120 – 240 km Weight: 57 kg Price: 11.219,00 €
LION battery 4 x 9,0 Ah Range: 160 – 320 km Weight: 76 kg Price: 14.958,00 €
LION battery 5 x 9,0 Ah Range: 200 – 400 km Weight: 95 kg Price: 18.698,00 €
LION battery 7 x 9,0 Ah Range: 280 – 560 km Weight: 133 kg Price: 26.177,00 €

The Roof


The Seats

  • Fabric upholstery, removable, blue at no extra cost
  • Fabric upholstery, removable, thicker padding, gray
    168,00 €
  • Microfiber, padded, beige or black
    697,00 €
  • Microfiber, with headrest pad, beige or black
    840,00 €
  • Leather seats, padded, black
    697,00 €
  • Leather seats with headrest pad, black
    840,00 €

The carpet

  • Carpet basic at no extra cost
  • Carpet light
    370,00 €
  • Carpet light plus with side pockets
    538,00 €
  • Carpet deluxe with chain case and luggage room coverage
    1.000,00 €

Your TWIKE costs

The mentioned prices are net prices in Euro and therefore do not include any country-specific value added tax. The total amount of your TWIKE is: 0

Request for Quote

Please get in touch with me and make me a concrete offer.

  • Sports car: <br>The man-machine

    Sports car:
    The man-machine

  • Endurance runner: <br>The battery

    Endurance runner:
    The battery

  • Environment: <br>How ecological is the TWIKE?

    How ecological is the TWIKE?

  • Standard:<br>Features


  • Faster refuelling:<br>XTRA Charger

    Faster refuelling:
    XTRA Charger

  • Tire changing: <br>Safety with fat tyres

    Tire changing:
    Safety with fat tyres


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TWIKE 5 finanzielle Beschleunigung

TWIKE 5 finanzielle Beschleunigung
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