“Who invented it?” one would actually have to ask at this point. And the answer is, of course, here: “The Swiss!” Students of the ETH in Zurich developed the ancestor of the TWIKE for the World Exhibition in Vancouver in 1986. The idea was too good to be subsequently forgotten. But it was still a long way away from the TWIKE we know today:

1986 - The Proto-Twike


The Proto-Twike

The “Proto-TWIKE” is a two-seat bike with bodywork. It weighs 50 kg and can reach a speed of up to 50 km/h via pedal drive. In 1986, it won a prize for ergonomics during the World Expo in Vancouver.

1991 - The TWIKE 2



The TWIKE II is presented. The goal is to develop a vehicle with a strong electric auxiliary drive for everyday use.

1995 - The TWIKE 3



TWIKE AG further develops the TWIKE to be ready for series production. In 1996, the first 190 TWIKE 3s are delivered.

1997 - The TWIKE Club


The TWIKE Club

Founding of the TWIKE Club in Switzerland.

1998 - FINE Mobile


FINE Mobile

Founding of Fine Mobile GmbH as a German general importer.
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1998 - North Cape Challenge


North Cape Challenge

In summer, a group of TWIKEs drive 10,000 km from Bern through the Baltic States to the North Cape and back through Scandinavia. In 2000, there is an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest distance travelled with an electric car as well as for the energy efficiency of a production car.

2002 - The TWIKE becomes German


The TWIKE becomes German

After some turbulence on the stock market, Fine Mobile GmbH takes on the entire production from Switzerland.

2005 - The Power-TWIKE


The Power-TWIKE

With newly developed batteries, the PowerTWIKE reached its first range of more than 100 km.

2007 - The Lion Battery


The Lion Battery

The next big jump in range came with the introduction of the LION batteries. A range of 200 km is now possible. At the same time, complex battery maintenance was done away with – never before was driving a TWIKE so easy.
The battery

2007 - Victory Down Under


Victory Down Under

The TWIKE successfully took part in the World Solar Challenge in Australia. The Swiss team covered the 3,000 km from Darwin to Adelaide with the lowest CO2 emissions in its class.

2010 - The automotive X-Prize


The automotive X-Prize

The TWIKE 4 prototype, especially built for this international competition, took 3rd place. 136 teams from around the world were lined up at this exhibition.
The X-Prize

2011 - Victory at the “WAVE”


Victory at the “WAVE”

First place overall for the team in the TWIKE 4 and also 6th place for a team in the TWIKE 3: At the end of the 2,800 km long route through Europe, our prototype impressed with its everyday practicality.
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2012 - Victory at the “e-miglia”


Victory at the “e-miglia”

After 800 km, the international rally for electric cars, “e-miglia”, ended for the TWIKE team with the prize for the highest efficiency on the course.

2012 - Double victory at the “WAVE”


Double victory at the “WAVE”

The “WAVE 2012” ran 2,700 km from Genoa to Amsterdam. Team TWIKE and Team Tesla from Austria shared first place. Second place went to the second TWIKE team in the race.

2013 - Distance Record


Distance Record

Unbeaten in the range test: The TWIKE reached 510 km with the current series battery. The Tesla Roadster gave up after 418 km.

2014 - Uptake of the TWIKE 5 development


Uptake of the TWIKE 5 development

As good as the TWIKE 4 is - we knew from the beginning, that it would be only a prototype. Now we go into series production. The TWIKE 5 will be even better.

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2014 - EU homologation for the TWIKE


EU homologation for the TWIKE

Thanks to the EU-approvel for TWIKEs there is now green light to register a TWIKE in whole Europe. A new TWIKE can now be delivered with a COC (Certificate of Conformity) and can be therefore finally registered in all European countries.

2015 - 20 years TWIKE


20 years TWIKE

And a new website for the anniversary. We open our TWIKE 5 development laboratory and invite YOU to support us with your feedback.

2015 - New range record


New range record

The day was stormy and wet - however we drove 613 km from Rosenthal - Putbus without any recharging.

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