Get in. The energy revolution has three wheels, space for two people and weighs about 270 kg. Our contribution to a better world travels at 85 km/h (53 mph) and uses a converted value of 0.5 litres petrol for 100 km (60 miles/0.5 litres). We say “converted” because, as an electric vehicle, the TWIKE completely does away with fossil fuels. 

This vehicle concept not only leads by a nose in the automobile market but also is several steps ahead. There is no other vehicle with which you can travel so efficiently. For TWIKE pilots, the energy revolution is already a daily reality. Welcome to the future.

  • Configurator:<br>How should your TWIKE look?

    How should your TWIKE look?

  • Sports car: <br>The man-machine

    Sports car:
    The man-machine

  • Endurance runner: <br>The battery

    Endurance runner:
    The battery

  • Environment: <br>How ecological is the TWIKE?

    How ecological is the TWIKE?

  • All inclusive:<br>Features

    All inclusive:

  • Faster refuelling:<br>XTRA Charger

    Faster refuelling:
    XTRA Charger

  • Tire changing: <br>Safety with fat tyres

    Tire changing:
    Safety with fat tyres


Whoever drives with TWIKE is different. Sporty, for example. Because you can support the drivetrain with your own muscle power. But you don’t have to. And if you don’t want to, then simply enjoy the ease of silently gliding along. Only flying is supposed to be more wonderful.

The principle of coupling man and machine is quite simple. Both drives go directly to the drive shaft: The pedals through a chain, the motor via the gearbox. When you pedal, the motor is unburdened and increases your range. We know of no car for which the term “sports car” would be more accurate.


The successes of TWIKE 3

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Each mobility need is different. Some TWIKE pilots drive as commuters to work every day. Others make tours to the North Cape and back.

The range of the TWIKE 3 depends on the type of battery pack used. A battery with a capacity of 9 Ah offers a range of 50 -60 km at a moderate speed. Seven batteries with 63 Ah make a range of 350 – 450 km possible. At the eRUDA 2013, a standard TWIKE drove 510 km on a single charge.

The performance of the TWIKE 3 is designed for much more that just a trouble-free “swim” in city traffic. The TWIKE is also quite quick on country roads and ideally suited for short stretches on the motorway.


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