The TWIKE impresses, especially in everyday life: The lithium-ion batteries are simply charged after every trip. Even after short distances, the TWIKE can be connected to the mains again. Complex battery care, as was needed with earlier generations, is no longer necessary. There is no such thing as a memory effect any more.


No distance too far

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A battery called Lion

The battery, with its full name being Li-Ion manganese accumulator, has today the best balance between energy density, durability and price. Since 2006 the high capacity, quick charge capability, high cycle durability, temperature resistance and easy handling have opened a new dimension of TWIKE driving. We gave this lion-strong power pack the name “LION”.

Each TWIKE is equipped with central battery monitoring. This checks capacity, total voltage, temperature as well as the total current in the battery. This data is shown to the TWIKE pilots on a display in the cockpit. Due to the low self-discharge, the LION TWIKE can also be left standing for a couple of days and the maximum range is still almost entirely achievable.

Pioneering Achievement

In 2006 the TWIKE was the first production car that ran on lithium-ion batteries. The Tesla Roadster came along two whole years later. TWIKE pilots are simply pioneers. Since then, the range has continuously increased. Today we work with cells that have a capacity of 9 Ah. A maximum of 7 cells can be installed. With the then existing 63 Ah, the TWIKE has a range of over 500 km (on a normal track at a moderate speed). Of course, with increasing capacity comes increasing charge times. To remedy this, we offer the XTRA Charger. It can be used to cut charging times in half.Learn more.

  • Configurator:<br>How should your TWIKE look?

    How should your TWIKE look?

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    Sports car:
    The man-machine

  • Environment: <br>How ecological is the TWIKE?

    How ecological is the TWIKE?

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  • Faster refuelling:<br>XTRA Charger

    Faster refuelling:
    XTRA Charger

  • Tire changing: <br>Safety with fat tyres

    Tire changing:
    Safety with fat tyres


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