Tire change

Safety with fat tires

Over the last few years we have tested a variety of wheel and tire combinations. So far, the TWIKE ran on specially optimized motorcycle tires. We are happy to announce that we can offer you finally a conversion kit to car tires to retrofit your TWIKE.

Experience a better handling due to new wheels for the rear axle. Increased safety and comfort, longer lifetime and easier tire changing included!

The new tire size of 135/70 R15 is available for summer, winter and all-season tires.
The wheels are assembled with a new brake drum. Therefore, the wheel housing receive an enlarged cutting. The rims are painted in standard black.

Talk to your TWIKE partner or the TWIKE manufactory in Rosenthal.

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    How should your TWIKE look?

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    Endurance runner:
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    How ecological is the TWIKE?

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    Faster refuelling:
    XTRA Charger


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