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xtra charger

A TWIKE is there to drive. Not to stand for hours at a charging station.

The Problem
The main problem with electric mobility is still the range. Either you increase the range with more battery capacity – which incurs more costs and added weight – or you reduce the charging times.

The Solution
Both solution approaches can be combined. In fact, the greater the battery volume, the more important charging speed is. Therefore we have developed the TWIKE XTRA Charger. Just an inconspicuous Black Box, it is mounted behind the passenger seat and makes an extra charging plug available to you. Now you can load two phases simultaneously. The amount of charge current can be easily adjusted directly on the XTRA Charger so that when charging you only draw the amount of energy for which the connection is protected. In this way, the charging time is halved and you are quickly back on the road.

The Connections
The XTRA Charger is fitted with an additional shockproof plug as standard. But we can of course offer any type of connector you wish. Also an adapter that combines both charging connectors into one is possible. This could be, for example, a red three-phase connector or a type 2 connector (also known as a Mennekes plug), with which by now many public charging stations are equipped.

  • Configurator:<br>How should your TWIKE look?

    How should your TWIKE look?

  • Hybrid Power: <br>The man-machine

    Hybrid Power:
    The man-machine

  • Endurance runner: <br>The battery

    Endurance runner:
    The battery

  • Environment: <br>How ecological is the TWIKE?

    How ecological is the TWIKE?

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  • Tire changing:<br>Safety with fat tires

    Tire changing:
    Safety with fat tires


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